U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission: Regulation Best Interest Disclosures

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted Regulation Best Interest to establish a “best interest” standard of conduct for broker-dealers and their associated persons when recommending securities accounts, securities transactions or investment strategies involving securities. As part of this new regulation which goes into effect on June 30, 2020, Park Avenue Securities is required to provide disclosures to all clients. These required disclosures inform clients about the accounts, products, and services we offer and our relationship with our clients.

Click here for a copy of the Form CRS Customer Relationship Summary.
Discloses information about the firm, including a description of services, fees, costs, conflicts, and standards of conduct, firm-level disciplinary history, and where to find additional information about such topics. Form CRS also contains several “conversation starters” that you can ask your financial professional to find out more information about him or her and the services they offer.

Click here for the full downloadable version of the Park Avenue Securities Regulation Best Interest Disclosure (Reg BI Disclosure).
Outlines material facts about the scope and terms of our relationship with you, including that Park Avenue Securities and its financial professionals are acting in a broker-dealer capacity; the material fees and costs a customer may incur for each account and product transaction; and the type and scope of the services to be provided, including material limitations. The document discloses all material facts relating to conflicts of interest associated with the recommendation that might incline a broker-dealer or financial professional to make a recommendation that is not disinterested, including, for example, conflicts associated with proprietary products, payments from third parties, and compensation arrangements.

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